Thursday, 8 January 2015

Two days = Loss of £1!

Busy couple of days as the horse racing starts to ramp up following the New Year.

Horse Racing


Equine stuck up two that failed to win, the second selection Moiety drifted considerably and had a chance but only managed to get up for 3rd (-£80). Tipster A stuck up a speculative selection at BSP - which turned out to be a solid winner in Brandon Hill. BSP was slightly less than the price when he sent the bet - a winner is a winner (+£142). Northern Monkey Punter had no joy with Oratorios Joy (-£25) and The Analyst hit 1/3 when Sir Valentino did the business with Hollie Point eluding him again. (-£5)

Wednesday Horse Racing P/L = +£32

Quieter day - Northern Monkey had a bad day at Meydan - Farrier and Ahtoug failed to get much done. Ahtoug was in a double with True Story (which won) - but sadly there was no single. Also noticed from his comms today that he won gold in the SBC tipster awards (thoroughly deserved!) (-£150). The Analyst went 1 from 1 with Toowoomba winning at 3.0 (+£80). FormJudge emerged from the shadows with 2 selections - Ya Halla failed at Wolves but Buckwheat scored with half the track between him and the next for a nice win. (+£45)

Thursday Horse Racing P/L = -£25


Jason Kelly sent out his first selections of the season. Jason Palmer was put up as FRL in South Africa, T54 didn't quite get the job done!! His other selections are Aiken and Da Silva - Aiken is under par and Silva is Even, considering that only 53 from 156 are Even or under - it isn't a bad start at all. Looking forward to watching the golf again!

Daily Golf P/L =  -£8

Break even over the two days - mainly due to the Monkey not hitting the market - he is rightfully one of biggest staked services due to recent years performance so unfortunately when he fails so does my portfolio. Good to see a break even rather than a loss though! Looking forward to the Form Judge getting going - could be areal diamond tipster.

Overall Daily P/L = -£1
Yearly P/L excluding subs = £2,765
Yearly Subs = £754
Yearly P/L  = £2,011
Yearly ROI% = 37%

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