Friday, 2 January 2015

02nd Jan - Update and Overview of Services I will be following

Only one bet today - a double from Northern Monkey Punter - unfortunately the first leg of the double went down - so was a loser for me.

Daily Total = -£37.50

I have also had to place some of the Football Analyst bets today as I am out all day tomorrow and normally wait to just before 3pm (as I am never around when the bloody bets get released) - I have missed the minimum odds on a few - so will check again before kick off to see if it is possible to get matched.

A quick overview of the services I will be providing updates on :-

Horse Racing
Equine Investments
Formbet - Best Bets
The Analyst
Form Judge
Northern Monkey Punter

Plus two other tipsters - these are not in the public domain
Tipster A
Tipster B

The Football Investor
The Football Analyst
Football Elite

Finn McKenna
Jason Kelly

As we move in to 2015 I will give a view on how I play these and hopefully I will get some feedback on how I can be playing it better

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