Friday, 16 January 2015

Man Flu - Weekly Catch Up

Man-flu is a horrible illness and it hit me hard on Monday night - lemsip, tissues and vicks got me through it! I managed to make it to work and watch the continual nonsense happening at Rangers but that was about it. Some updates to this weeks action :-


Horse Racing

One bet one loser from Equine - he was right that the favourite was a false one but we weren't on the winner. The selection was China Excels and it finished unplaced (-£40)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£40


Another all star display from the football tipsters - two bets for The Football Analyst (Dundee United to win and Coventry to draw). Dundee United won (it is hard to support them for anything) - so meant a nice end to the weekend for TFA (+£38). The best was yet to come though as another super away bet landed in La Liga for the Football Investor's Top Flight Euro system - Cordoba (+£535)

Daily Football P/L =  +£572

Overall Daily P/L = +£532 - Another ridiculously great day!

The wipeout I have been expecting for days finally arrived!

Horse Racing

Two bets from the Analyst both got turned over at relatively low odds (that is where he always operated) - Cappielow and Destroyer Deployed were beaten - when you name a horse after Greenock Mortons football park what do you expect?!

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£240


Apart from the small (very very small) return on the Aiken place it was a golfing disaster - there were will be many more of these during the year! Chris Kirk did manage the round of the week but sadly it wasn't enough to get a place. Golf Punters Guide (-£180) and jason Kelly (-£60) will be keen to make amends 

Daily Golf P/L =  -£240

Overall Daily P/L = -£320
Horse Racing

A busy day given the weather but not much to celebrate! Equine had 3 selections (Fottstepsintherain, Clement and Eastward Ho (EW) - It was only the place part of Eastward Ho that managed to return anything, so a losing day. (-£81). Northern Monkey Punter returned with his new rules and staking system - to no avail! Top Offer and Francos Secret failed to win (-£63). Formjudge had a rare bet - Jaganory on the AW for a small stake. Surprisingly it was well beaten given the odds (-£30)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£174
Overall Daily P/L = -£174

Horse Racing

Only two bets - both losers. Tipster A put up Make me a Fortune (-£40) - but it failed to return anything and Northern Monkey Punter had El Estrudendoso (-£38) for a loser.

Worth pointing out that I play Northern Monkey Punter win only - a number of his recent selections have managed a place.

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£78


So close but yet so far - Nicks Picks who I decided to add to the portfolio this week put up Byeong-hun An as a the first round leader in Dubai! He managed to shoot -5 which was enough for T8 - some effort considering his FRL odds were 201

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£5

Overall Daily P/L = -£83

Yearly Staked = £11,664

Yearly P/L excluding subs = £4,489
Yearly ROI% excluding subs = 38%

Tough few days - the horse racing really hasn't clicked at all yet and I will seriously consider whether to continue with it over the winter next season - the conditions make it very difficult. Hopefully some of the weekend races will present some opportunities to Formjudge and Tipster A to claim back some of the horse racing losses for this year!

The Sony Open is in full swing and Nicks Picks actually hit a nice winner with Sabbatini placing in the FRL marker - those winnings will be added to Fridays total but would rather wait til close of play before doing a summary as TFA has a football bet tonight. A number of other bets are also looking in good condition as it stands! I am currently not on it due to the price but hoping it gets above the min odds before 7:45.

I will be at Ibrox at 745pm protesting with a number of other fans about what has happened at our great club - they won't be getting another £ from me - so it will be home to watch the second half on the telly. Might need to use a sledge to get there the way the snow is currently falling in Glasgows west end.

Good luck for the weekend betting!


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