Monday, 5 January 2015

Slow Monday

Slow day today not only from a betting perspective but also from being back in corporate hell...

Horse Racing

Only a couple of bets - profit made though. Equine put up The Yank E/W (it placed) (-£3) and The Analyst backed Royal Player, which won well (+£48)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = £45


Only one football bet and the darkside of Glasgow managed an easy victory putting The Football Analysts hopeful system bet on Kilmarnock to bed. (-£40)

Daily Football P/L =  -£40

Profitable day (only just) - but happy to take it. A couple of decent football bets tomorrow from Football Investor and Football Elite to look forward to and also Golf Punters Guide has put his first selections up for the New Year. As free Golf Tipsters go - he is one of the best, I would be staking slightly more if my bank allowed but for now it will be £10 per point

Overall Daily P/L = +£5
Yearly P/L excluding subs = £2,693
Yearly Subs = £754
Yearly P/L  = £1,939
Yearly ROI% = 43.1%

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