Sunday, 4 January 2015

04 Jan - Football Fantastic

Another fantastic day from the football tipsters!

Horse Racing

Only had one bet today from the Form Judge (first day of the service) - Amrith in the 2.50 @ Plumpton - sadly a loser. Only 5 finished from 12 - so I imagine it was a slog - not seen the race yet. A bit more about the Form Judge - he is PJ from PackedPockets fame - his results there were exceptional - hopefully this transfers over to a tipping service. Looking forward to a profitable season with him. Not sure on staking as yet - so playing £40 a point as it stands! That may change over time...(£-40)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£40


Another exceptional day thanks to The Football Analyst and Football Investor. Sticking to my value principle - it meant I had an 8 pointer going to Betfair to see if it would be matched. It was thankfully as Altrincham managed a 2-0 victory at odds of 4.2 - to produce stand along profit of £978 after commission. There was more as well as Hamilton produced a victory and Dundee and Ross County fought out a draw despite Ross County going down to 10 men early on. Alfreton and partick were losers, the latter was a 4point bet and I am reliably advised from some at the game (thistle fans) that they deserved victory. Can't be too greedy I guess. All in a great day - Decembers losses (-£1700) already recouped. Hopefully he can keep going to  build up a nice early yearly profit! (Daily P/L = +£1332)

The Football Investor carried on the winning from yesterday - one bet, one winner - Hamilton at odds of 2.88 from William Hill. (My bets are starting to be referred to a Trader, so sadly it looks as if another account is about to bite the dust) (Daily P/L = +£188)

Daily Football P/L =  +£1,520

Can every day be like the last two - could hit my target by 31st of Jan and take the rest of the year off.. Off to watch the darts - money is down on Anderson to pay for the curry we will be ordering before the health kick starts tomorrow!

Overall Daily P/L = +£1,480
Yearly P/L excluding subs = £2,727
Yearly Subs = £754
Yearly P/L  = £1,973
Yearly ROI% = 45.2%


  1. Hi mate,

    Great weekend for you, long may it continue.

    Really liking the look of your blog, looking forward to seeing how you get on this year with your porfolio of tipsters.

    Want to swap links ?

    1. Done mate - yes great start. Surprising given how bad 2014 ended! Looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. Looks like your 2015 has started well.