Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Rock of Ages saves the day

Another quiet day across the board today...

Horse Racing

Only a couple of bets - Equine hit the first big winner of their 2015 with Rock of Ages scoring at 7.0 - I play Equine at half advised stake due to issues with keeping accounts open - it went off at 3.75 - hoping my B365 account number 3 is still working in the morning. (+£300) Northern Monkey Punter put up a loser at 1.5pts in Red Primo (-£75)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = £225


Two bets and two losers sadly - Footy Investor had Cagliari who were 2-0 down before I even remembered the game was on! Went on to lose 5-0. (-£101) Football Elite had Genoa who came back from 2-0 but couldn't quite make it a winner as it ended 2-2. (-£51)

Daily Football P/L =  -£102

Another profitable day thankfully and fingers crossed the bank continues to build into 2014. Plenty to read up on tonight as lots of movement at Ibrox as things finally look to becoming to some kind of conclusion - hopefully the club will be back in the right hands before the end of this month and I can look forward to Saturdays at Ibrox again.

Overall Daily P/L = +£74
Yearly P/L excluding subs = £2,766
Yearly Subs = £754
Yearly P/L  = £2,012
Yearly ROI% = 41.9%

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