Monday, 12 January 2015

Sunday Review and Weekly Update!

Sunday was looking like being a rubbish day - first there was the weather in Glasgow. Horrendous, then the golf didn't go to plan, Northern Monkey Punter decided to try his luck at Chelmsford City and Almeria lost at home! Then came 545pm and I checked to see that Elche had managed to win 2-1 away to Bilbao. A cracking result meaning that profit was guaranteed on the day!

Horse Racing

Busier than expected day with 4 bets - Tipster A went with Cape Tribulation in one of the standout races of the day - unfortunately he pulled up. Still waiting for Tipster A to get going this year. (-£40) Northern Monkey sent out an email with 3 bets for Chelmsford, surprising but given the mans record I dived in. Unfortunately 3 losers (-£150)

NMP followed up with an email advising that stakes will be lowered and other criteria will be adhered to - got to appreciate drastic changes like that - he respects what he did over the flat and doesn't want to blow it on Grade 6 races in the snow at Wolverhampton!

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£190


Quieter day than Saturday.....Football Investor had 1/4 - thankfully that 1 was at odds of 7.8! (+£370). Football Elite had one bet with Almeria going down (-£50)

Daily Football P/L =  +£320


Sadly Aiken and Da Silva couldn't get anything meaningful going - both flirted with doing well but Aiken had to settle for a share of 5th with 6 other people! Can't believe Schwartzel is still waiting for that elusive SA open title! (-£37)

Daily Golf P/L =  -£37

Delighted to finish the day in profit!

Overall Daily P/L = +£93

Yearly Staked = £10,699

Yearly P/L excluding subs = £4,533
Yearly ROI% excluding subs = 42%

Wanted to add a weekly check point in as I am conscious I won't have the ability to do daily updates all the time - and lets be honest what happens in one day doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things - see back to the 1st Jan! 

Weekly Staked = £6,482
Weekly P/L = £1,846
ROI% = 28%

Not quite the heights of the weeken ending the 4th Jan - but still a great set of results and far outweighing where I thought I would be! Decembers horrendous losses are recovered and can hopefully continue this good run!

Bet of the Week :- Football Elite (10/01/14) - Bastia to beat PSG @ 9.0
Was great watching this one go from 0-2 to 4-2 on flashscores! Each time I heard a cheer I assumed it was PSH - but no the great Bastia did the business! Admirable mentions to Football Investor as well for that Elche bet last night!

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