Friday, 9 January 2015

Magnificent Montpellier

Was heading for a wipeout today on a quiet Friday then Montpellier stepped up to the plate with a fantastic 2-1 victory!

Horse Racing

One bet from NMP (Political Party) - never really got into it on the final straight (£-38) and The Analyst had 2 bets show down with Miss Estela losing despite being backed to odds on and Strategic Force proving to be a non existant force at Wolverhampton (-£80)

Daily Horse Racing P/L = -£118


One bet - One Winner. Football Elite stuck up Montepellier, I only ever play his selections win only so was on them at 4.33 - A nice way to end the evening.

Daily Football P/L =  +£167

Usual Saturday nonsense tomorrow, as it stands I will be staking around £4,300 on football tomorrow - followed by another £500 on Sunday. Some bets are below the Value indicator at the moment so will see how they fair in the morning. As always need a massive slice of luck to have a good day. Hoping I can hang on to some of Januarys early profits!

The PGA golf has started from Hawaii - and as I write Streb and Martin are going well with Kuchar and Kirk only just in to their rounds. Would be fantastic to start with a winner of sorts from the golf.

Overall Daily P/L = +£49

Yearly Staked = £5,304
Yearly P/L excluding subs = £2,822
Yearly ROI% excluding subs = 53%

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