Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year (Or Maybe Not)

First blog post in quite some time as I want to go about adding my opinion on following tipsters and systems in the big bad world of betting.

I had a disappointing 2014 scraping a small amount of profit for the year - well below my target set. I seemed to make more mistakes than ever before and I needed to do something to put the focus back on what I am doing and also somewhere to vent frustrations!

My target for 2015 is simple - make £10,000 using a small portfolio of betting tipsters that I have come to rely on over the last few years.

Today was the first day of the year and I was hoping for a great start - it wasn't to be!

On the Horse Racing side of things Northern Monkey Punter put up 3 bets (2 in one race) - unfortunately the saver bet (Dungannon) was beaten by a head - meaning 0 from 3 on the day for a loss of £137.50. Equine Investments put up Exmoor Mist and Charingworth - I missed the Charingworth bet completley (Rubbish start to my New year resolution of not missing bets....) Both lost. (-£40 for me) I also follow another horse racing tipster (we can call him Tipster A) - he had Exmoor Mist and Zeroshadesofgrey - again both going down (-£80). So a miserable start on the horse racing to go with the weather here in Glasgow.

Daily Horse Racing P/L =  -£257.50

On to the football and always my P/L seemed to revolve around the football analyst performance - Dundee United did the business early on for a 2ptbet - however Macclesfield aside, that was as good as it got. If Stoke had managed to get the win (they deserved - clear cut penalty) it would have been a nice start to the day - then QPR went and conceded an ijury time winner against 10men - approx a £600 swing on that game alone. That has been the story of the season for me and TFA - can't seem to catch a break with it at all. Unfortunately with £840 staked on the day - it meant I was £460 down after 1 day in January. A number of bets to come on Friday assuming I can beat the minimum odds.
The other Football tipsters I follow are Football Elite and Football Investor - Football Investor had Dundee - so -£100 there and FE had Stoke, Southampton and QPR - again a massive swing with the QPR result. After it was all said and done - I was £3 down on the day.

Daily Football P/L =  -£563 (ouch)

Overall Daily P/L = -£821

Maybe 2015 won't be that great after all! Roll on Saturday....

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