Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Crewe little beauty!

Week 13 of the year down and finally I can report a profitable week betting thanks to a fantastic Saturday on the football and the horse racing.

Total Staked = £3,394
Profit/Loss = £1,463
ROI% = 43%

Firstly it is great to return to winning ways - you can see from the table - I have only had 4 of them from 13 weeks this season and thankfully it put an end to a losing streak since the week ending the 15th February. It was actually a quiet week overall and was the lowest staked week of the year so far - this was down to a few reasons - International Football/Football Investor illness/Quiet week on the golf and my updated TFA staking.

The Racing ended up in loss for the week - £1,964 staked for a loss of £164. Starting with Equine, only one winner from 11 - but it was a nice winner at 10/1 with Jacobs cat. So a small profit on the week of £80. John Mac continued a difficult run with 4 losses from 4 - he will come good. Northern Monkey had a number of ante-post bets on the Lincoln, none of which won. It has been a tough start to the year for NMP and this continued this week -  2 winners from 22 - total loss of the week = £613. Hopefully things pick up soon for NMP when the flat really gets going! The Analyst is also struggling at the moment and I am borderline ready to dump him as there is real inconsistency when he sends bets out - some days we hear nothing at all! 5 bets all loser = loss of £200. Saving the best to last - the ratings are back are as the winners for Formbet - a great winner with Chatez on Saturday at odds of 23 on Betfair. He also hit Royal Bajan at Chelmsford - I was on a 10.5 but he went off at 16 on betfair. Total profit for Formbet last week was £899 after commission.

Even the golf looked better last week! Jason Kelly hitting a great winner with Jimmy Walker at 22/1! Amazingly he didn't implode on Sunday - I thought for a minute Mr Speith was going to ruin things again! £572 profit for Jason Kelly for the week and back to roughly break even for the year. Nic came close to nailing a winner in Morocco - Horsey let him down again on a Sunday but Lundberg finished in the top 20 at fantastic odds of 21 - small stakes but a profit of £41 on the week. Sadly for Golf Punters the dismal year continued - £110 loss on the week. Unfortunately I am now sitting at  loss of £2000 on the year for GPG and yesterday he has announced the closure of his service. Always annoying when this happens especially with golf where one winner really can change things - hopefully he can get a winner in his final 2 events of the season - I wish Sam all the best with future ventures. I expect I will double up Nic stakes to compensate for this as I have been really impressed with his selections thus far. Lastly Finn didn't come close - the hurricane on Thursday left most of his players without a hope! A loss of 75 for the week.

Lastly the football - due to the Internationals it was a quiet week - thankfully! TFA hit some lovely form and thankfully an injury time went my way as Crewe pulled off an amazing victory at 10.0! I had 2 points staked so netted a £900 profit from that bet! Elsewhere there was other great wins for Gillingham, Bradford, Rochdale and Altrincham for a profit of £907! Football Investor had only one bet due to abandonment and Coventry duly returned a nice profit of £294!

Glad to top up the banks somewhat after a brutal period - will try and post a summary of March by tipster and share my future thoughts! I still stand by my current portfolio but sadly golf punters guide will becoming to an end and TFA is also considering the future after this season - typically just when I get to a staking plan I am comfortable with!

Good luck for the week ahead!


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